The Torah Portion for this Shabbat is Eikev

The Torah portion for this week’s Shabbat is Eikev (Deuteronomy 7:12-11:25), the third of the book of Deuteronomy. It includes a promise that God will “favor, bless, and multiply” the Israelites if they obey the commandments and “observe them faithfully.” It also pledges that God will protect the Israelites from their enemies. The reading also includes the command to say grace after eating, and reminiscences of events that took place during the Israelites’ journey, including the story of the golden calf and how Moses destroyed the first set of tablets containing the Ten Commandments and had to make new ones.

The Haftarah is Isaiah 49:14-51:3. This reading is the second of seven Haftarahs of Consolation read after Tisha B’Av and leading to Rosh HaShanah. It contains descriptions of God’s power and promises of redemption.

The picture below is “Moses Destroys the Tablets of the Ten Commandments,” a watercolor circa 1896–1902 by James Tissot. This event is recalled in this week’s Torah portion.